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Direct contact and close proximity to our clients are very important for us. For this reason, our experts are also personally available in Dresden. It is where one of our branch offices in overall 15 German cities is located. By virtue of this vast network of locations and experts, we are not only in close proximity to the clients and cases – but our experts can also quickly exchange ideas about particular challenges in specific cases.

  • Our experts in Dresden offer solutions

Tiefenbacher Insolvency Administrators in Dresden provide support for the rehabilitation of companies or in insolvency situations. Our specialist attorneys are consulted by courts, businesses, creditors, consultants, lawyers and private clients.

  • Our office in Dresden helps you in the following areas:
  • Assumption of the business management in the course of the procedure
  • Ensuring the continuation of the operative business
  • Communication with employees, customers, creditors, and courts
  • Analysis of the causes for the crisis
  • Drafting of the insolvency plan
  • Implementation of rehabilitation measures
  • Debt relief for the company

Creditor information system

View select insolvency proceedings online here.

  • These are our experts at the Dresden office:

Frank-Rüdiger Scheffler

Dr.Nils_Freudenberg Vorschaubild

Dr. Nils Freudenberg


Henry Girbig

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