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In most cases, the notice arrives unexpectedly: A business partner who still has payments to make is experiencing a crisis. Alternatively, an enterprise you have invested in had to file for insolvency. Creditors should act in a structured and resolute manner in this situation. Mandatory deadlines continue running in the background. Required documents such as invoices, contracts and receipts must be submitted completely and promptly to register one’s own claim in the proceedings.

We will gladly make our expertise available to creditors, who are affected by an insolvency. In doing so, we apply our experience from by far more than 3,000 managed insolvency proceedings for results-oriented consulting. We will register your claims in the running proceedings and enforce your interests as a creditor.

This is how we support creditors’ interests

Creditor information system

View select insolvency proceedings online here.

The media have called the insolvency of the P&R Group one of the biggest investor scandals in Germany of all times. The company offered investors a direct investment in ocean freight containers. However, of the almost 1.6 million solid containers, only slightly more than 600,000 existed. A lot of the funds were used for the improvement of the company’s financial disarray instead of the purchase of containers. Tens of thousands of investors have since feared for their capital and are hoping of achieving the highest possible quota for their claims as creditors in the proceedings. As experienced partners, we are at the side of former P&R investors to secure and protect their rights.

Besides enforcing their interest, we find further answers

Do you have questions concerning the enforcement of your interests as a creditor? Are you affected by the P&R insolvency or another case? Then you are welcome to use our contact form. You can also use the documents made available for download (engagement letter and power of attorney). Please fill them out completely, sign them and return the documents to us by post or email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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